1: Cast in the purple and blue of twilight, Ikal and the disguised Tucker ride Maximon across a desert trail. Behind them, a camp of makeshift homes and temporary buildings stand in the dim light of the mining camp.

2: Inside a small stable, Ikal ties up Maximon for the night’s adventure.

3: Ikal and Tucker walk across a roofed wooden path. Down the path, holding up a lantern, Hedgeworth awaits them.

Hedgeworth: Why is he with you? This could be very dangerous, Mr. Tinalto.

Ikal: Well, you hain’t exactly split fair on that front, why is this so dangerous? What’s down there that you need someone holstered up to help with?

4: Hedgeworth looks suspiciously around into the night for any eavesdroppers.

Hedgeworth: Let’s… talk about it inside.

In the mine.

5: The three head into the wide rocky mouth of the mining tunnel’s entrance.