1: The group stands inside the tunnel, a wide berth cut into stone. Mine cart rails line the ground and thick wooden beams brace the walls and ceiling. Ikal is lighting a lantern.

Hedgeworth: These are not the first ruins we have record of on this planet. The others, well… there are things, creatures, that occupy them. Alone, I could easily be outnumbered and overrun by them. That is why I need another, armed individual.

2: Ikal stands, Tucker beside him. Tucker is looking up at him with sheer joy.

Ikal: Well, now you’ve got two armed individuals. The kid here is a certified deadeye if I ever saw one.

3: Hedgeworth doesn’t look convinced.

Hedgeworth: If you say so, Mr. Tinalto.

4: The group starts down the tunnel.

Ikal: An’ what about the mine itself? How hard is it gonna be to track down these ruins?

Hedgeworth: Sir, I am a professional. My mines are as clean and as safe as possible. I have the records of where the men were digging, it should be no trouble to find it.

5: The three descend a set of stone-cut stairs.

Tucker: Um, Mr. Hedgeworth, was it? What exactly are we looking for?

Hedgeworth: It’s a biological sample of an ancient creature, a species that lived here long ago. It’ll be impossible to miss and, if we can bring it back to the camp, we can study it… and, hopefully, it will change our species for the better.