1: The reptile leads the three down a hallway, towards where things have become more unstable and destroyed over centuries of earthquakes.

Ikal: So, can that rantankerous critter understand me?

Hedgeworth: No.

Ikal: An’ where exactly is he takin’ us?

Hedgeworth: He is taking us to where the sample should still be stored.

Ikal: Right… you keep saying “sample”. What exactly is it?

2: As the lizard steps over a large crack, further ahead, he turns around to berate Hedgeworth in a dismissive tone.

Lizard: [????]

Hedgeworth: The sample is just that: a sample. Blood and tissue that our scientists can study to try and find a cure.

3: Ikal squints forward as he helps Tucker over the crack.

Ikal: For your “sickness”… right…

Gettin’ more from that dino’s fiddle faddle than outta you, like barkin’ at a damned knot.

4: The lizard leads everyone to one building in this underground lair. The building seems to be in bad shape, with large cracks across its stone carved face.

Lizard: [????]

Hedgeworth: This is it.