1: The dinosaur pushes open the door with Hedgeworth. Ikal cautiously stays in the threshold with Tucker in front.

Tucker: Is that… that can’t be-

2: Ikal hastily reaches for his gun.

Tucker (off-screen): Ikal! Stay back!

3: A large shot of the room. Large stone columns support a ceiling, all in desperate need of repair, the ceiling is split in the middle by a large crack, the columns themselves are damaged by large claw marks and eroded by acid.

In the center, on an engrave pedestal, rests a frozen mass of black flesh, tentacles, mouths, and eyes frozen in a screaming mess. In front of it, held in place on the pedestal, is a small silver object, shiny and geometric in design. This black idol in fact matches the one seen at the end of Issue #1.

The lizard, standing near it, looks back to the group, as if confused by their hesitation. Hedgeworth is clutching his hands and looking to the black mass in excitement, whereas Tucker has his arms out in a mild panic.