1: The two speak in the dark. Tucker has sat down and the two sit around the lantern, tall walls surrounding them.

Tucker: Our people… our species? We occupy many different planets across many stars. There are others like us – other creatures, from other planets, that live across the night sky.

Ikal: There’s more things like you out there?

Tucker: Ikal, there are creatures far stranger than us, and there are lots of them.

And one of them… it’s dangerous. I remember the stories in memories passed down to me.

There is something horrific out there.

2: Tucker speaks, gesturing with his face parts.

Tucker: It threatens us, it threatens everyone I think. No one really knows how to stop it.

And it’s old, so, if I had to guess…

3: One of the carvings on the wall, similar to the carvings seen in the ruins under Cairo and on the moon, is more iconographic: it shows the carved images of large, strange figures streaking through the sky over what might be planets.

Tucker (off-screen): Perhaps, in these ruins, there is some ancient knowledge about it or some technology that could fight it or stop it.

4: The two turn, getting to their feet, reacting to a sound.

5: The doors of the room have opened. Hedgeworth stands beside the reptile who stands a little short.

Hedgeworth: Our new friend has agreed to help us.