1: Outside, Ikal has sat down against the wall. Tucker stands near him as they speak.

Ikal: How’s he understand that things growlin’ and yammerin’?

Tucker: You can’t?

…Oh, right, that’s because we have translation devices inside us. It lets us understand everyone, and lets everyone understand us.

Ikal: Why’d you need that? Y’all speak just fine Avian talk.

2: Tucker has his hands on his hips.

Tucker: Ikal, you didn’t think creatures from another planet all perfectly learned your language, did you? Our mouths can’t even make the same sounds your beak does.

3: Ikal adjusts and cleans his gun.

Ikal: That’s all bosh to me, kid. An’ how come you or Jocelyn never mentioned how y’all were sick?

4: Tucker wrings his hands nervously.

Tucker: I’ve never heard that, but I’m just a botanist-in-training. I don’t really understand what he’s talking about.

5: Ikal turns to face the kid, looking concerned.

Ikal: Then what is it exactly y’all are doing here on Earth? Did you inherit any o’ those weird memories about it?

6: Tucker looks away down the dark hallway.

Tucker: I’m not sure… but I can guess.