1: The lizard in the center, kneeling in his tube, appears to be bipedal, wearing a gray two-toned outfit with a mantle of colorful feather-like frills. The bugs stand either side of him. The lizard is still coughing, dripping clear liquid, his body draped in the thin plastic.

2: The dinosaur snarls, disorientated at Hedgeworth, speaking in an ancient tongue.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): Greetings. Please, stay calm, we-

Lizard: [????]

Hedgeworth (off-screen): Please! Please, relax. You are in no danger.

3: The lizard looks over the group in the room, his frill of feathers displayed threateningly.

Lizard: [????]

Hedgeworth: What thing? Him? That is a friend of ours, Ikal, he’s here to-

Lizard: [!!!!]

Ikal: Why’s he lookin’ so black at me?

4: Tucker tugs on Ikal’s poncho, pulling his gun off aim.

Tucker: Let me take Ikal out of here so he isn’t agitated.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): Thank you, Tucker.

5: Outside the room, Tucker pulls the doors closed. Ikal has his arms crossed.

Ikal: I got a bad feelin’ about all of this. That critter has me all-overish…