1: In the the room, lit by multiple lanterns from the group, several large glass tubes line a wall, looking like beds. Inside of some are eggs, inside of others are reptilian creatures, covered in some sort of covering. These are the creatures seen at the end of Issue #10.

2: Hedgeworth walks among them, staring and studying. Tucker has clung to one tube, four hands clasping at it.

Tucker: They’re frozen! And… something else. Are these time dilators?

3: Ikal is staying near the door.

Ikal: What in the world are those things?

Hedgeworth (off-screen): The Kae-Kariin, preserved examples of their ancient race. This is incredible.

4: A close-up of one of the lizards in its tube. He’s hard to make out all the details, covered in thin plastic and frost, though it has a head of feathers and maybe wears some sort of body suit.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): These machines are still running, after all this time… Some of them may still be alive.

Mr. Tinalto, when I told you these ruins could be dangerous… We have reports of Kae-Kariin eggs out-living their machines and hatching.

Left in the dark without civilization over generations, they go savage – they become beasts. But here, all of them are alive, in flawless sleep. This is incredible!