1: Hedgeworth examines the stone-like end of the cylinder. One hand is searching in the pockets of his coat. Still near the door, Ikal does not look pleased.

Hedgeworth: I believe I may be able to access the machines here… Perhaps even wake him up.

Ikal: Now, hold up! If this is some ancient, violent race what destroyed itself, why’d you wanna go an’ wake one back up? Keep the all-fired things sleeping, I reckon.

2: Hedgeworth is turned to face him. He’s pulled a small metal object out of his pocket.

Hedgeworth: They were not savages, Mr. Tinalto. If this creature was chosen to be preserved, then they were a being of importance and intelligence. They may know how to lead us to what we need.

3: Ikal draws his gun, ready to defend the others.

Ikal: Alright. But I’ll be on my taps in the case y’all are wrong.

4: Hedgeworth has the small hand device against the stone machine, antennae twitching as he works in unseen ways.

Hedgeworth: We know enough about the technology they used that… if…

If I can bypass this…

Re-route to here…

5: Something atop the machine lights up: a blue, glowing hologram of undecipherable runes floats before the bug’s eyes.