1: Devoid of any of the huge circular chambers the Cairo caves had, the underground city is more angular with geometric hallways and bridges. The halls are very tall, rising up into darkness, making the rooms either side seem like stone towers.

Ikal: Lets copper our bets here – why would someone try to stop you from findin’ this cure if it’s so important?

Hedgeworth: Not all of us agree that this sample can help us. Many are stuck in the old ways, the old traditions of biology and medicine.

They view certain advancements as risky.

2: Hedgeworth peeks into some of the towers, through doors left open. The room seems barren and empty.

Ikal (off-screen): So, if someone knows you’re lookin’ for it, they might wanna try an’ destroy it before you get it?

Hedgeworth: Exactly.

3: The trio travels down the barren hallway: ahead, things seem a lot less stable. The floor is cracked and shifted, some passages blocked by rubble.

Hedgeworth: We’ll have to be careful. No telling how unstable the ground is after thousands of years of earthquakes.

4: From within a room, Hedgeworth passes by, lantern raised, only casually looking to his side.

5: He stops and backs up, looking more wide-eyed into the room.

Hedgeworth: Impossible.