1: The group enter the ruins. The carvings look similar to what the girls found under Cairo: strange runic markings along flat surfaces of cut stone, and ceilings supported with columns of brick and smoothly carved tunnels. The majority of these ruins look cleaner cut than the Cairo caves, more purposeful and geometric.

Ikal: I ain’t ever seen anything that holds a candle to this…

Who built all this?

2: Hedgeworth has a hand to his wrist and is disabling his disguise.

Hedgeworth: An ancient race that lived on your planet long before any of your people were born.

At the time, they called themselves the Kae-Kariin.

3: Tucker is looking over his shoulder, seeing that Hedgeworth is in his true shape, and has a hand to his wrist. Ikal is looking around, impressed.

Ikal: You’re tellin’ me there was a whole bunch of these ancient things runnin’ around before any of us were? Where’d they all get to?

Tucker: They killed each other – I think that’s what I was told. They got their hands on powerful weapons they didn’t understand.

4: Hedgeworth ushers the group forward.

Hedgeworth: That’s the theory.

A scientist could easily spend their entire life in a single ruin like this but we are, unfortunately, short on time. If we want to return to the settlement, we need to find the sample.