1: On the ground is a mound of strange moss. It covers exposed bones, polished white and partially corroded away. Numerous crumbled feathers stick out from the moss and from beneath the torn, ragged clothes of a miner.

2: Ikal is hunched over on his knees, studying the mound. Tucker peeks in from behind him.

Ikal: I ain’t never seen anything like this… what happened to ’em?

Tucker: I know what did this…

3: A close-up of the alien moss covering a bone.

Tucker (off-screen): This moss… we make this. One of our weapons does this to bodies!

Ikal (off-screen): You bugs have somethin’ that does this? You’re meanin’ to say…

4: Ikal is standing up and looking over his shoulder.

Ikal: Hedgeworth, there are only two bodies here. These’re miner’s clothes, so your foreman ain’t one of them.

If he had one of your bug weapons… he must have been one of you.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): You’re suggesting sabotage? Someone else from our camp must have snuck into my mines.

5: Hedgeworth is wringing his claws together worriedly.

Ikal (off-screen): And they could still be in these ruins.

Hedgeworth: Then… our journey will be more dangerous than I imagined.