1: Rhoda leans over the back of her chair as she looks over the books and letters. Julia eats an gyros in pita. Julia’s ears lower in response to the pangolin’s question.

Rhoda: What about your little ghost project? You went back to that mansion a few times, right?

Julia: Uh, well…

2: Julia smiles sheepishly up at Rhoda, having taken a bit out of the pita, she shrugs a little.

Julia: Further trips didn’t really reveal anything more besides a few weird temperatures… I haven’t been able to duplicate any of our results.

Rhoda (off-screen): But we got a lot of footage from the first time. Wasn’t any of that useful?

Julia: A lot of it got corrupted or was really vague, though some of it…

3: In a flashback, we see camera footage of Melissa rolling around atop Julia on the ground.

4: Julia’s looking away.

Julia: …still needs analysis.

5: Julia sits back with a drink as Rhoda takes out a container.

Julia: You’re coming back to school after winter break, right?

Rhoda: Yeah. They already cleared me for normal society and I’ve been hanging around campus just fine…

Just needed some papers to prove I won’t bite any teachers.

Julia: Aw, but you love doing that.