1: In the long basement hallway which features, among others, the door to the Black Dogs HQ. Rhoda walks down the hallway, towards the room decorated by a paper sign, dressed in modern pants and a square necked shirt. She has a plastic bag in one hand.

2: She sips on the straw of a fast food drink from Popina’s, the fast food chain.

3: Rhoda enters the HQ, Julia in on the floor surrounded by boxes of old journals and letters. She is using a device that shines light on letters laid flat on the ground and wearing a linen shirt.

Julia: Rhoda!

Rhoda: Hey. I come bearing food.

Julia: Thank the gods. Even the asshole ones.

4: Rhoda pulls up a chair and sits in it backwards. Julia sets down her work to sort through the bag of food. In the background we see that the device is scanning in the documents onto the hard light screened computer. We also see a photo of the founders of the order on the wall.

Rhoda: Another romantic evening with books, I see.

Julia: I’ve been scanning every journal and letter I could find into the computer so it can compile a database of all the information in case we need it.

It can find patterns and correlations we might never see doing this shit by hand.