Page 6

1: Later, in Rhoda’s bedroom, while the dialogue from the HQ room continues. Rhoda sits on her bed in her parent’s house, looking at the ancient books of runes and spells. We see posters on the wall as she sits in the dimly lit room, lit from the side.

Julia (in caption): What’ll you be up to until then?

Rhoda (in caption): I’ll mostly just study and catch up on missed work.

2:Across her room, the mysterious snake creature lounges on the floor, watching TV on Rhoda’s entertainment system.

3: Rhoda looks over the top of an open book ‘Dämon-Wört’ by L. Hermann.

4: She recoils in shock as the snake appears right next to her.

Rhoda: Gah!

Snake: What ARE you reading today, mortal girl?

5: We see part of the page Rhoda was reading with the TV in the background: a page from a demonology book, listing some minor demons: the names Axiz Asad and Vezog are noted.

Rhoda: Well, there’s an annoying shit of a demon who keeps bugging me, so I’m trying to guess which one he is.

Snake: Demon, hm? That sounds dangerous.

And how do you know it’s a demon?

Rhoda: Or a spirit, an angel… whatever.