1: In the HQ room, Melissa is slams down her bag and gear, onto the desk.

2: Julia slowly approaches through the door, looking worried. Melissa looks too angry to talk to her.

Julia: Uh… listen, I’m sorry. I guess I got excited… I mean, there was so much down there. You should have seen it Mel…

3: Melissa turns around, emotions conflicted, getting out of the hot overalls.

Melissa: You could have gotten hurt.

4: Julia looks shocked and hurt, Melissa’s expression eases. Julia is visibly clutching her arm

Julia: If I was with you two, I would have kicked that thing’s pale ass… I didn’t meant to abandon you, I’m-

Melissa: What… What did you do to your arm?

5: Melissa puts her hand to Julia’s arm, she recoils.

Julia (off-screen): Ah! Ow

6: Melissa has a concerned, sympathetic expression.

Melissa: You can be pretty dumb some times.