1: In the foreground, Julia gets to her feet, taking care to block from view how she is holding her injured arm. In the background, Rhoda and Melissa stay on the ground, catching their breath, pulling off their helmets.

Melissa: Ugh, gods…

Rhoda (off-screen): Are you two alright?

Melissa: Uh… yeah, yeah…

Rhoda (off-screen): Julia?

2: Julia has her phone in her hands, obsessively looking at the display of her camera.

Julia: Yeah… I’m fine. You two have to come see this-

Melissa (off-screen): Julia! What the hell?

3: Melissa rages closer to Julia, who is looking to her with lowered ears.

Melissa: So much for keeping everyone safe! You couldn’t wait for an excuse to run off on your own!

Julia: Melissa, I… I fell.

Melissa: And then you scurried off without even trying to get back up. You could have fallen somewhere else and died!

4: Melissa storms past her, pulling her backpack off.

Melissa: Keep your fucking research, if that’s all you care about!

Julia: Wait, hey, Melissa! I didn’t mean to… uh…

5: Rhoda has approached, Julia thrusts the camera into her hands.

6: Rhoda looks at the camera’s footage as Julia rushes off towards Melissa.

7: Rhoda’s eyes go wide at what she sees on the phone.

Rhoda: The hell…?