1: Rhoda and Melissa continue down a tunnel, taking their lights with them.

Rhoda: So… c’mon… tell me how old you think this place is.

Melissa: Well, um… I don’t really know much about archeology, but…

I mean, how old is the library?

Rhoda: Very. It’s got stone pillars built into the inside of it.

Melissa: Because… this place has to be way older.

2: From behind, we see Melissa hold a hand up to stop Rhoda.

Rhoda: I can tell by the columns that it has to be-

Melissa: Ssh.

Do you hear that?

3: From further behind them, we see them in a different light: a strangely colored outline of their forms.

4: Both of the girls look scared.

5: Rhoda is the first to turn around, quickly doing so and shining her light behind them.