1: Julia stands, looking herself over and rubbing her right arm. Some of the rubber waterproofing torn free of her pants.

2: Clutching her arm, she winces and grits her teeth, her cheek scuffed and red.

Rhoda (off-screen): Are you hurt?

3: Doing her best to fake confidence, she looks up at the two high above on the cliff.

Julia: Nothing’s broken… Not sure I can make that climb, though.

4: Julia shines her light down into the darkness, illuminating a tunnel running parallel.

Julia: I see some tunnels. I bet I can find a way back up.

Melissa (off-screen): No, you stay there and we’ll come find you!

5: Julia yells up towards the others, frustrated.

Julia: Don’t be a fucking pussy, Mel! Go on ahead, I’ll get myself up there on my own!

Melissa (off-screen): But you told us to stay together!

6: Julia walks off, still clutching her arm. Rhoda and Melissa talk from the top of the steep cliff.

Rhoda: C’mon Melissa, she’ll be fine. Let’s go ahead and see if we can find a tunnel heading down to her.