1: The girls traverse down a long tunnel down. It branches off into smaller tunnels and enclosed rooms.

2: They pass a larger opening along one wall which seems to be cracked open, a collapse or cave in, opening up to a larger, dark cave below. Julia looks down into the cave, shining her light.

Julia: How far does this one go…?

3: We watch Julia’s feet as she loses balance: the edge of the floor beneath her crumbles and cracks.

Julia: Shit!

4: Julia slides feet first down a steep rocky, dusty slope.

Julia: shitshitshit fuck

Melissa (off-screen): Julia!

5: Julia loses her footing and skids on her side down to the flat ground, outfit tearing on the rock wall.

Julia: Rrrff...

6: Above Rhoda and Melissa looks down, shining their lamps.

Melissa: Are you okay?!

Julia: Rgh… I think so…