1: Julia looks up at the ceiling as she walks.

2: Melissa’s hand runs over the hand-carved corner of a wall.

Melissa: How long has this been here and… no one’s ever known?

Everyone has their cameras, right?

3: A view Julia’s phone, recording the scenery. It is a shot of the path they walk down, lit by their flashlights. The girls are entering the larger tunnel facing the door.

Julia: We’re gonna win some kind of archeology… award, or something.

Oh… Shit, Rhoda, check the Canary thing.

4: Rhoda checks the spelunking device.

Rhoda: No toxins, no molds, the air seems safe… Welcome to 180 meters below the surface, girls.

5: The girls move away down the opposite tunnel. Dark shapes created by deep shadows as the light moves away.

Julia (off-screen): Stay together, girls. This place could be a fucking maze for all we know.