1: We see the stalking creature, recoiling in the light. It is a pale, fleshy reptilian creature: sprawled out primally on all fours. It tries to hide it’s yellow eyes from the light. Thin protrusions of cartilage extend from its neck, splayed out threateningly like barbs.

Melissa (off-screen): …oh gods…

2: The two girls face it, aghast. Rhoda is blindly riffling through her bag as Melissa grabs onto her.

Melissa: Rhoda what do we do?

Rhoda: I don’t… I don’t know there, must be…

Melissa: Rhodaaa…

Rhoda: I’ve got to have something

3: Rhoda has found something, and she thrusts her arms forward, holding a flare gun.

Rhoda: Ah hah!

4: The hallway is lit up in red as the smokey flare blasts forward towards the recoiling creature, striking the wall and bouncing off as it spits light and smoke.

5: The girls escape down the corridor as the creature scurries up a wall away from the smoking flare.