1: The girls suit up in their cave exploring outfits. They are dressed for cold temperatures with matching protective overalls, hats and backpacks.

Julia: Everyone ready? Batteries charged, cameras prepared?

Melissa: What if there’s a cave-in or something? This could be dangerous…

Julia: Don’t you ever play video games, Mel? The harder the quest, the better the reward.

2: Rhoda holds the Canary device and is heading to the stairs.

Rhoda: I’ve got the Canary, so let me go ahead and check for toxic gas or whatever.

3: Julia and Melissa crouch at the top of the stairs, looking down.

4: Melissa look to Julia.

Melissa: So, like… do you have something against Lucian?

Julia: Huh? No, why? He’s fine.

Melissa: You’ve been acting… I don’t know. You’re not still worried about me, are you?

5: Julia turns to face Melissa, expression earnest.

Julia: I’m always worried about you, Mel. I don’t mind if you spend time with him.

6: Melissa squints, concerned.

Melissa: …Are you jealous?

7: Before Julia can respond, Rhoda calls up from the stairs.

Rhoda: Clear so far! It’s fucking dark though, come down here before I freak out.