1: A table is covered in supplies as the girls prepare to adventure underground. Some seems to be identical, borrowed equipment from the school. Equipment includes: flashlights, helmets, boots, first aid, food (some dried foods, but also a brand of sweet candy bars made of crickets), duct tape, matches, filter masks, blankets and the “canary”, a digital device designed for cave exploration.

Lucian (off-screen): You girls really like to go all out, huh…

Julia (off-screen): You never know what you’ll find when exploring abandoned places. Floods, spiders, hobos.

Gotta be prepared for anything.

2: Melissa, Julia, and Lucian sit by the table, Melissa between the other two. Julia looks unsure.

Melissa: Sure you don’t want to come with us? It could be really fun.

Lucian: Wandering around in the dark underground isn’t really my idea of a fun afternoon.

Melissa: We’d be a lot safer if we had a strong otter there to protect us.

3: Julia, her hand on Melissa’s chair back, speaks up.

Julia: Don’t worry, Lucian, I’ll keep everyone safe.

4: Lucian pushes his chair back and moves to get up, smiling.

Lucian: I’ll let you two… scheme.

5: In the background Julia shows Melissa some of the gear. Lucian approaches Rhoda, pushing the wheeling chair around.

Rhoda: I can’t believe these two roped you into their madness.

Lucian: How come you never invited me to your secret club?

Rhoda: I was trying to save your sanity.