1:Up a spiraling staircase, Julia looks down, lit by her phone’s torch.

Melissa (off-screen): Well? What do you see down there?

Julia: These stairs just keep going! And I’m echoing like crazy… these must be deep.

2: Juli returns from the darkness of the stairs to the cupboard.

Julia: It was getting really cold down there… I wanna figure out how deep these things go before exploring any further.

Melissa: Hm… I’ve got an idea.

3: In Rhoda’s hand is a small, clear rubber ball with electronics inside it.

Caption: Later…

Rhoda: Why did I have to find one of these things?

Melissa (off-screen): Does it make noise?

Rhoda: It makes noise and lights up.

4: Rhoda and Melissa talk in the hallway, Rhoda has a sporty short-sleeved shirt. Melissa has bounced the ball on the floor and it sails back up to her hand, making a beeping noise and flashing lights.

Melissa: Perfect!

Rhoda: Are you guys… high?

Melissa: Come look at what we found!

5: Melissa toss the ball down the stairs, it hits the floor, then the curved wall and pings and flashes down the stairs.

6: The ball continues bleeping as it bounces down the stairs. Melissa and Julia look excitedly towards each other as the beeping grows fainter and fainter, finally becoming inaudible.

Julia: We’re gonna need some supplies.