1: A crowbar pries the old tiles off the floor

Lucian (off-screen): You girls do have permission to do this, right?

2: Julia’s bluffs while Melissa shrugs in the background.

Julia: Of course, of course! Don’t you worry about it.

3: Lucian gets to work, a lot of the tiles pried up. The girls sit in the hall, Melissa idley watching, Julia flicking at her phone.

Caption: Some time later…

Lucian: Astronomy, huh. That’s cool, like… reading what all those satellites send back?

Melissa: Uh huh! A lot of satellite monitoring and a lot of telescope work.

Lucian: Didn’t we just get a probe to that… cloud of comets out there?

4: Julia squints at the two, not looking especially happy as they bond.

Melissa (off-screen): The Oort Cloud! Yes! We’re going to get up-close data from it within two years!

5: Lucian stands as he pulls up an old beam of wood.

Lucian: Okay, here we go…

6: There is a square hole in the ground, the tiles were covering up a wooden floor, which has been pried up and removed. Beneath it is a set of wooden stairs, a short passage down to an old wood door.

Lucian (off-screen): Wow. You two probably want to call Rhoda.