1: In the hallway outside the Black Dogs HQ, Lucian lugs a heavy-looking toolbox towards the end of the hall. Melissa and Julia are looking down at the ground of the cupboard.

2: Looking to the cupboard next to the stairs up to the storm exit used by Melissa in Issue #2, the tiles inside the room don’t seem to match the tiles of the hallway itself.

Julia (off-screen): Yup… definitely some renovations here.

Melissa (off-screen): There should be stairs leading down beneath this floor, leading to an entire second level.

3: The large bag of tools clunks down onto the floor.

Julia (off-screen): And that’s where our otter boy comes in.

4: The three discuss between themselves, Huli in her classic red squid shirt, Melissa in a pink t-shirt and skirt, ad Lucia wearing a bi-colored athletic shirt.

Julia: And what’s a librarian doing with a bunch of construction tools, anyways?

Lucian: Oh, well, my uncle works in construction, so I work with him for the Public Works program.

Julia: Huh. I was just gonna go plant trees for that…

5: Julia is trying to discretely remove a large hammer from Lucian’s bag.

Melissa (off-screen): It’s so weird that you two know each other at all.

6: The Lucian takes the mallet back from a sheepish Julia.

Lucian: You two and Rhoda are basically the only college girls who actually use the library.