1: A dark, single-panel page. We see a cutaway view of a long, long spiral staircase cut into solid stone going deep into the earth. Lit by their wrist-strapped flashlights, we see the girls as they descend and talk, the stonework changing.

Rhoda: Why do you think they built over these?

Melissa: Is it an abandoned water well?

Rhoda: A well built into the building with a staircase?

Melissa: These stairs must be ancient… The stonework is getting bigger.

Julia: What’d they call this sort of rock shit? Cyclopean?

Rhoda: Yeah. Cyclopean masonry, where you use giant, uncut rocks and fit them together. Greeks figured you would need giant cyclopes monsters to move the rocks around.

Julia: How deep are we?

Rhoda: The Canary says we’re nearing 120 meters.

Julia: The walls are just… carved right into the stone…