1: Sedjet leans down, his head over Eric’s shoulder.

Sedjet: What’s got you so worked up?

Eric: Maybe that thing covered in eyes and teeth?

2: The Black Idol stands in its containment.

Sedjet (off-screen): It’s just a fossil, it can’t hurt you. I guess it’s a bit creepy, but…

Eric (off-screen): I feel like the damn thing’s watching me. I think I’ve been having nightmares about it.

3: Sedjet studies Eric with some concern, Eric shrugs away his questions.

Sedjet: You’re not gonna go and call it haunted, are you? I get enough of that from the boys down the hall.

Eric: No, I’ve just… never seen anything like this. Neither has this center, according to the records.

Sedjet: You’re over-thinking this.

4: Sedjet nips at Eric’s ear, who is pulling away seeming nonplussed by his attention.

Sedjet: Go home, hug your daughter, and go to sleep. Consider it an order.

Eric: Ugh. Fine.