1: The idol is under glass in a laboratory littered with machines and a super computer. A scientist, a male feline in a mustard yellow shirt, sits at a computer, typing.

2: Eric Khainouda, the scientist, looks suspiciously to the idol.

3: The idol looks back from behind the glass, motionless.

4: The lab’s door opens, showing a pair of shoes and discarded coffee cups.

5: A shoe kicks over an empty coffee cup on the ground.

Scientist: *Sigh*

6: Professor Sedjet Saret Ahmes, a feminine fennec fox with long blonde hair in a lab coat, stands behind Eric looking down at him.

Sedjet: Eric, honey, why are you still here? It’s late.

7: Eric seems to only half look up from his work, massaging his temple.

Eric: Hm? I don’t know. I’m just still working I guess.

Sedjet: I know you haven’t been sleeping well…