1: A seminar. A number of scientists sit in an auditorium. On stage, one professor stands before a projection of the Black Idol.

Professor: EA-055 has so far given no results in carbon dating. This further solidifies the theory that the idol cannot ever have been from Earth.
It required laser equipment to do any damage to it. An analysis of a small sample demonstrated that the entire artifact is composed of tightly-wound carbon nanotubes, existing in a number and complexity that we’ve yet to duplicate in modern science.

The artifact seems to resist most forms of x-ray and other methods to scan its interior, but the isolated fragment was able to be scanned.

2: A close up of the molecular structure of the artifact sample, showing a tube-like design.
Professor (off-screen): The carbon nanotubes within seem to form structures similar to that of biological muscle. Professor Ahmes is proposing the artifact be classified as a fossil.

We need more time to develop this theory, but it would account for the apparent lack of craft or touch of hand. The spheres of what appear to be eyes are perfectly smooth, and there are no marks at all indicating the use of tools.