1: An ornate table in the hallway of a house. We see framed photographs of people including many soldiers. Also framed are what appear to be military medals. A framed newspaper from March 16th, 1968, proudly proclaims the news “VICTORY IN SOUTH ASIA” and “9 DEAD IN AMBUSH”.

2: Further down the hallway, day time, is the rest of the suburban house. At the end of the hall is an open door to a bathroom, a man stands on a stool within.

3: We see a framed picture on the dresser: a male Lynx in uniform.

4: The man from the photo (Reto Brand, a middle-aged male Lynx) is looking up at the ceiling through his glasses. He is wearing casual, faded clothes.

5: A bucket of soap beside him on the ground indicates that he is cleaning something.