1: Back in the hotel room, Rhoda is on her back, staring at the ceiling. The ghostly snake hovers over her, dipping down to whisper in her ear.

???: I am impressed.

To see someone do that on their first try… and such initiative…

How did it feel?

2: Rhoda looks to her side, brow furrowed.

Rhoda: It felt…

3: In a flashback, we see a more explicit view of the seance: tendrils of smoke fly to her, she is more obviously grasping and tugging at them, smoke seems more alive and screaming, trying to escape her.

4: Behind the sitting Rhoda, her white, ghostly aura is drinking down the smoky spirits as if swallowing them whole.

5: Rhoda is looking up at the ceiling again, seeming peaceful.

Rhoda: Good.