1: Julia unfurls a picnic blanket onto cement ground.

2: Inside the observatory, Julia is setting things up on the ground while Melissa stands and looks around happily, her phone in her hand: the main floor of the observatory is bare, the machinery and desks long gone.

Melissa: So this is the… Olbrich Observatory. Apparently this is where they recorded the 2011 bombing of the Martian capital.

3: Julia pats the blanket next to her.

Julia: Thought you might appreciate it. Space was the first thing we ever talked about.

4: Melissa sits beside her, still looking up.

Melissa: You’re totally right. This was a cool idea, even if it’s all abandoned…

Julia: Now will you relax? Stop thinking so hard about shit and maybe get a good night’s sleep when we’re done.

5: Julia and Melissa talk earnestly.

Julia: I won’t make you talk about anything or dig up shit that’s haunting you. But I will insist on distracting you and keeping you company.

Melissa: Well… thanks.

I do appreciate it.

But you don’t have to feel guilty.

Julia: What?