1: We see the exterior shot of a hotel: the Indigo Inn.

2: Rhoda flops down onto a hotel bed face down. Julia stands besides her.

Julia: You sure you don’t want to join us?

Rhoda: I’m exhausted…

Julia: From what? You weren’t possessed by ghost wolves.

3: Rhoda rolls onto her side on the bed to talk.

Rhoda: I’m really sorry, I don’t know what happened.

Julia: Sorry? That was incredible! That was, like, the greatest trip I’ve ever had… and we got it on film!

So don’t worry about it. You rest. We’ll be back in a few hours.

4: As Julia leaves we see Rhoda’s tired face watching her go.

5: Rhoda’s hand fishes for a book in her bag.

6: The book is open. We see the rune she had painted on the floor, with its purpose: “empty vessel”.