1: Panting and visibly exhausted, Melissa and Julia are flopped to the ground. They’re tired, but seem unharmed and awake.

2: Rhoda clutches her chest, panting but otherwise fine.

3: Rhoda crawls across the floor, prodding and tugging at the other two.

Rhoda: Hey… hey, get up…

Melissa: Nng

Rhoda: You two alright?

Julia: Yeah…

4: Rhoda is stands in the circle. Julia and Melissa seem pretty amused as the room goes back to normal.

Melissa: What.. what the heck was that?

Julia: Oh my god… you felt all that, right?

Melissa: That was intense! I still feel warm all over.

Julia: That… that felt amazing…

Melissa: I’ve never felt anything like that, all the… colors….

5: In the distance the serpent watches with a sly smile.