1: The two talk under a starry sky.

Ikal: I say you are pretty steady-handed for someone who almost got trampled by a giant bug. Friend of yours?

Jocelyn: …In a sense. We are of the same race, and from the same colony. She is my queen.

Ikal: Queen? Race? …Where do you hail from?

2: Jocelyn indicates upwards.

Jocelyn: What we call our sun is too far away to be seen even on your clearest of nights.

3: Slumped back, Ikal ponders this.

Jocelyn (off-screen): Our ship crashed on your planet and we have been stranded while waiting for a new one to grow. We are a short-lived people, and we knew we would need our next generation to pilot the ship, but we were without a queen.

4: Ikal is taking a long swig from his canteen, eyes to the stars.

Jocelyn (off-screen): One of our females volunteered to become the new queen, but… something went wrong. She went insane, she went feral, and escaped the colony into these hills.

5: Jocelyn has a nervous look as she sits on a piece of debris of their main method through the pass.

Ikal: …So what’s this got to do with you and yon cargo?