1: Night has fallen. With their cart broken, the two have set up camp and are sitting around a small fire. Jocelyn, in her dress but still very clearly an insect, is stoically eating whatever was cooked in the pot above the fire. Ikal hasn’t touched his food; he’s leaning forward with beak in hand, looking curiously at the bug before him.

Ikal (narrating): Ms. Jocelyn came to some later, only her pride hurt and that fancy disguise she had, and I got us some fixin’s; though I was off my feed, too much on my mind, as it were.

2: Ikal studies the girl in fascination.

3: Jocelyn looks away, twitching in annoyance. She has a small bandage on one antennae. When she speaks two small feelers and two sets of mandibles movie in intricate gestures. Her two sets of eyes seem to move in unison.

Jocelyn: I wish you wouldn’t stare.

4: Ikal leans back and rubs his head awkwardly.

Ikal: Ah, sorry… Jus’ never seen anyone quite like yourself before. Was tryin’ to gather where you was from.

Jocelyn (off-screen): We’ve always worried about people panicking if they saw us. You are unexpectedly calm.

5: Ikal shrugs casually.

Ikal: I’ve never been afeared of much, Lady. I’ve seen lotsa strange things on my travels.

6: In a sun-lit flashback, we see Ikal clinging to the neck of Maximon in panic, staring at the unconscious bug.

Caption: Earlier…

Ikal: What is it? Whatisitwhatisit?!