1: The beasts lunges forward, we see it has two large sets of eyes and three sets of legs, large antennae waving.

2: It headbutts the cart, knocking it over and breaking it the door and its frame inward with a crash.

3: Ikal skids to the ground, drawing his six shooter from under his poncho, resembling a Colt Dragoon.

Ikal (narrating): I had to chase the beast off, so I fed a couple ounces of lead into its side.

4: Ikal shoots, the bullet pings harmlessly off its carapace.

Francis (narrating): You fended it off all on your own?

5: The monster recoils as Maximon rears up to attack it.

Ikal (narrating): All by my lonesome.

6: The bug scurries up the cliff in escape towards the fading sunset.