1: The cart passes through a narrow, rocky valley.

Ikal (narrating): How she could smell a thing over that powerful perfume she wore was beyond me.

‘Round sundown, we hit the most narrow leg of the path, where attacks were most reported, a tricky bottleneck for ranchers.

2: Ikal is looks ahead as they ride through the pass.

Ikal (narrating): I spent plenty of time as a kid near those parts – knew them rocks and caves like the back of my wing.

3: Pebbles clatter and tumble down a rock wall.

4: Ikal casually looks to his left, lifting his hat.

Ikal (narrating): I wasn’t scared of nothin’.

5: The monstrously huge, hulking beetle appears out from behind the rocks: dark purple shell with large limbs and tusk-like mandibles. Its clawed limbs clutch the boulders as it crawls down the wall of the canyon. Ikal, and his horse, react in surprise.

Ikal (narrating): Reckon I shoulda been.