1: Later, the sparrow Francis rides his horse across the desert landscape to a distant fence gate, waiting there is an woodpecker woman on a horse.

Woman: Well?

Francis: I don’t think anyone will ever believe him.

I’ve seen wilder stories go a lot farther than his will, it will be easy to keep his account out of the papers.

2: The two talk: the sunset behind them, the sky painted in orange and purple.

Francis: But, everything Jocelyn said about him was true, if he is to be believed at all. We may have more allies than we thought.

3: With a flash, the disguises are gone, and both are revealed to be bugs. They turn their horses away as they start to ride.

Woman: So, do you think we can trust him?

Francis: About as far as anyone on this planet. If the time comes, I believe he is our man.

4: The two ride off into the horizon. Francis is recoiling away from the woman’s horse as it snorts at him.