1: Ikal looks very small, facing down the bug with the lantern at his side.

Ikal: Ms. Villeneuve, she…

dammit, he said you’re hell-fired crazy… an’ maybe you can’t understand me, but I reckon maybe you can.

2: The bug’s eyes study Ikal, it seems to listen.

Ikal (off-screen): Don’t know why you’re doing this, but I’m here to stop you.

3: The two standoff against each other, Ikal has his gun readied.

Ikal: You’re hurtin’ my people and yours. You’re stealin’ chicks to raise em here, in a cave, like animals.

You ain’t an animal, and if anythin in you knows it, you’ll lay yourself down an’ surrender.

4: The two stand in silence, facing each other.

5: Ikal’s gun is raises as the beast lunges forward, fore-claws up in the air, aiming to strike.