Page 18

1: We see an unearthly plant in the hand of Jocelyn, with the horse’s leg wrapped in wet bandages with the twisted green plant fibers underneath.

2: She stands. Behind her is the grim but determined looking Ikal, his hat knocked off in the fight.

Ikal: I’ve got to get your eggs back.

3: She turns to face him, Ikal looks resolute.

Jocelyn: Ikal, it’s dangerous…

Ikal: Ain’t a liar, Ms. Jocelyn, I made a promise, and I intend to keep it.

Jocelyn: You’ll have to kill her.

Ikal: Sometimes, that’s… what you gotta do.

4: Ikal finds his hat and heads to pick it up.

Ikal: You laid these eggs. They’re your chicks. Don’t care what she’s queen of, no one goes and steals someone’s young.

5: Jocelyn turns from Ikal towards Maximon.

Jocelyn: Your intentions are noble, even if your understanding of our gender hierarchy is limited.

Ikal: My understandin’ of yer what-now?