1: Ikal holds his gun out, squinting and aiming.

2: The bug crawls into the shadows of the cavern, heading towards a tunnel. The chest is held under its arm.

3: Ikal lowers his gun, angrily.

4: We see Ikal standing by the track. Down the ledge Maximon has his head tilted back to look up at Ikal, tangled in the reins and badly hurt. Jocelyn stands over him.

5: Her dress torn exposing more of her insectile body, she kneels to examine Maximon. Ikal stands beside him.

Jocelyn: Ikal… are you hurt?

Ikal: It’ll walk off.

Jocelyn: Your animal…

Ikal: Maximon… come on, ge’ up boy…

Jocelyn: He’s bleeding…