1: Julia shows Melissa around the updated headquarters of The Order of the Black Dog under the school’s library. The two are in different outfits as Julia gives her a tour of some of the things she has sorted. Melissa weighs up the magnitude of the situation, Julia looks very perky.
Julia: We’ve got a kick-ass computer, a whole shit-ton of old files and papers, rare books ‘n stuff…
Melissa: And they want you to figure out where that idol thing came from?
Julia: Uh huh, but there are so many other mysteries that may need investigating… who knows how long it’ll take us.
Melissa: Is it just us two?

2: Julia smiles over her shoulder at Melissa.
Julia: I’m gonna construct a team… and I know just where to start.

3: We see Julia walking into a room with white walls, she is in a more formal shirt and dress pants.
Caption (Julia narrating): I’ve heard rumors about an old friend of mine. She’s seen things… been places.

4: Rhoda, the pangolin from Issue #3, sits on the bed of an asylum, scribbling furiously into her notebook.
Caption (Julia narrating): And I’m going to find out what she’s seen.