1: Melissa preps for bed in her bathroom, half dressed and brushing her teeth. The mirror has embedded computer displays and is playing a news website.
News Feed: This is an Apisnet Science and Technology Bulletin, brought to you by Naga Computers.
The ESRO reported today that construction has officially begun on the first Interplanetary Space Station, dubbed Oasis.
Referred to by one spokesperson as “Potentially the most important technological undertaking in Earth history”, Oasis is a joint project between the Egyptian Space and Robotics Organization, the Chinese Space Program, and the Unified Martian Aeronautics Coalition.

2: Melissa continues to brush her teeth, we see part of a diagram on the news screen as the broadcast continues.
News Feed: When completed, Oasis will serve as a refueling station for ships traveling between Mars and Earth, a large and stable platform for deep-space experiments, and will house powerful telescopes free of atmospheric disturbance.
You can hear more about Interplanetary Space Station Oasis on the Apisnet website.

3: Melissa finished brushing as the news report changes to another story.

4: She bends down to spit. Behind her, we see the black wolf, eyes glowing, watching her.
News Feed: In other news, Plexon announced their first neurally-linked mobile devices available for the consumer market this morning…