1: An exterior shot of Clarke’s Cafe, we see Julia and Melissa eating.
Julia: So, since when do you eat fried crickets?

2: Melissa looks confused, fork in her mouth. She boasts her updated “look” and is wearing a necklace.
Melissa: Hrm? Since always?
Julia: Nuh-uh, I offered you some last time we were here and you said you hated them.

3: A shot of Melissa’s plate.
Melissa: I… dunno… maybe I never gave it a try.
Julia (off-screen): Weirdo.

4: The two hang out, Julia reclining and judging Melissa’s taste. Julia has her phone screen out over her eye.
Melissa: Oh! So, Tidechaser is gonna stream a concert tomorrow night, wanna watch?
Julia: Ugh. Their music is so… soft.
Melissa: It’s emotional.

5: Julia rolls her eyes but seems to be genuinely smiling.
Julia: You’re such a girl.