1: Another sample of the idol is shown through the glass of a small testing chamber, Sedjet stands at the control panel.
Sedjet: Test number 31a – the subject’s reaction and adaptability towards high-temperature environments. The first attempt will feature radiant heat.
So, Eric…

2: Sedjet adjusts the digital controls on the computer screen.
Sedjet: Tidechaser is streaming a concert tonight, if you’re not doing anything.
Eric (off-screen): Hah hah, right.
Sedjet: What’s so funny?
Eric (off-screen): …Were you serious? I thought you hated them.

3: Sedjet looks up, confused.
Sedjet: I… do I?
Eric (off-screen): Yeah, you go on and on about how boring and pretentious they are whenever they come up!
Sedjet: Yeah, I… god, why was I so excited?

4: The idol in the chamber looks lethargic as it looks out through the pane.
Sedjet (off-screen): That’s the weirdest thing…
Oh, uh… temperature is approaching 500 Celsius and the subject shows no reaction.
How boring…