1: Julia leans on the wall as she speaks.
Julia: In the 1920s, a covert group was founded to investigate paranormal activities outside the scope of the law. They worked closely with a part of the government that eventually became your department, the Special Investigations Unit.

2: Jackson is taken aback, eyebrow raised.
Jackson: You’ve been… digging.
Julia (off-screen): I found lots of notes about them in the library’s basement. It’s quite a collection down there. It’s no wonder they literally buried it for fifty years.
Now then… this covert group disbanded in the 1960s, but you are going to pull some strings for me…

3: A smug, smiling Julia makes her demand.
Julia: …and you’re going to help me restart The Order of the Black Dog.

4: Jackson scratches the side of his head.
Jackson: You’re a really arrogant little girl, aren’t you?
I was right about us being a lot alike.
Julia (off-screen): Yeah, you’re an arrogant little girl, too.
Jackson: I’m armed, you know.