1: Morgan has a look of concern as Rice finishes his beer.
Morgan: What else could be out there? If that old myth was true, what else is?
What other monsters are lurking in the dark, just outside our vision?

2: Rice has a soft smile.
Rice: Our investigation is over, but we still have access to a lot of police resources. We still have very powerful contacts.
Morgan (off-screen): Then maybe our investigation isn’t really over.

3: The two sit discussing plans for the future.
Morgan: We’ll have to be very discrete about anything we do, even more so than during this investigation. Our professional careers might never recover if this came to light.
Rice: I’m not sure I can take that risk…
Morgan: Eliot, I’m asking you to help me found a secret society.
Rice: Oh. Then I’m definitely in.
We’ll need a mysterious, secret name!
Morgan: Right!
Rice: And a mysterious, secret handshake!
Morgan: Let’s… not get carried away.